Sashimono Masuda


Edo Sashimono(Edo style joinery) craftsman, Mr. Masuda works at his workshop in Kikukawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo.He is one of the craftsmen who makes woodwork joinery, which is the furniture requires no nails to build, named after “making properly using measures” and “making by jointing”. Even though he is inheriting Edo style joinery which is focused on its practicality for its various uses instead of Kyo style which was meant to be made more for higher status people such as Daimyo and Shogun, he expand its possibility by collaborating with other industries under the concept of “What if we use the techniques of joinery into the modern wooden products?”.

墨田区菊川の一角に工房を構える江戸指物職人 益田氏。「物差しで計って正確に作る」ということと、「差し込んで作る」ということから来たと言われる指物「釘を一切使わないで作る家具」をつくる江戸指物を作る職人の一人。大名や将軍など、身分の高い人向けに作っていたもの「京指物」に対し、実用性を重視し幅広い形や用途のものを制作してきた江戸指物の伝統を受け継ぎながらも、その枠にとらわれず「現代にある木の小物を、指物の技術を加えたらどうなるか」などのコンセプトで他業種とのコラボレートも展開している。

Sashimono masuda

4-6-5, Tatekawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 130-0023, JAPAN


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